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The flagship building of the Acropolis of Athens served as a temple to Athena. It is also one of the several buildings built in the ancient world.

Acropolis: its name comes from the word “Acro” meaning “high” and “polis” meaning “city”. It refers to the sacred hill where ancient Greeks built many temples honoring their gods. The most important is the Parthenon in honor of goddess Athena, from where Athens gets its name.

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Athens: Survey of Athens, historic city and capital of Greece, where many of Classical civilization's intellectual and artistic ideas originated.

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5 Fun Facts About Athens – Hotels.com – Athens the capital of Greece located at the basin of Attica surounded from the mountains of Aegaleo Parnitha Penteli and Hymmetus,with more then 3 million.

The capital of Greece is Athens. It is named after the Goddess Athena and has a population that is equivalent to more than a third of the total.

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The Acropolis of Athens built by ancient Greeks a long time ago is a monument which worths our admiration not only because it stands on top of the Acropolis hill but also because its every detail is designed in such a way as to serve a specific purpose.

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